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concept catalyst becomes your tech partner |
hire a co-founder | how to start a startup

concept catalyst is right fit for you if....

You struggle to understand the technology

You have a great startup idea, and you hear a lot of noise around but lack proper technology skills and guidance on where and how to start.

You want a co-founder instead of an agency

We strive to understand your business concept, draft requirements and build a sellable product within targeted budget and timeline and get it to the market sooner.

You can not convert your concept into a sellable product

We help you do the product management, prioritize features to build a Minimum Sellable Product (MSP) while choosing the  the right tools and technology

You find it difficult to leverage technology to scale up

With 8+ decades of collective experience working with global brands, our teams are well equipped to leverage technology to bring both the horizontal and vertical scale

Worked with Global Brands

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decades of experience






acquihired by clients
what's better than a single co-founder?
a team of talented tech founders
working with you
how it works

we become your tech co-founders

We've been helping non-tech entrepreneurs turn ideas into products and reducing time to market significantly. We've perfected our processes to aid the founders in easily executing and scaling their concepts, With the help of our technology experts. As icing on the cake, Founders also have access to our investor's network and acquihire the same tech team that worked on their product. "How to start a startup? Concept Catalyst will help you get your business up and running." it's crucial that you take it seriously and think seriously about how you can turn your start-up into a successful company or business. Your concept has to be good enough to be developed further on.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5


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What do we do?

We have mastered the art of blueprinting your concept into an understandable functional requirement specifications which can then be converted into mockups and a full fledged MSP which can be launched for the initial set of users and most of it can be done remotely in a seamless manner.

How do we do it differently?

Most of the startups end up spending 5x their initial budget and end up wasting time and money with unexpected results whereas, 99% of our clients are able to launch their MSP in the market within the initial targeted budget and timelines.



What do we do?

We leverage all digital ways of marketing to get the initial push for your product and collect analytics to get a better insight of the user response.

We present these analytics to you in a more understandable manner which can then be utilized for further refinement of the product.

How do we do it differently?

We understand how important it is to hear the voice of your first set of users/customers.

We can identify the bottlenecks at initial stages and make your product aligned with the market expectations to increase user adoption and hence higher revenues early in the process and reduce costs.



What do we do?

We have a founder's circle program that gives you access to a quality network of investors across the globe increasing your chances of an early funding at attractive market valuation.

How do we do it differently?

Our founder's circle keeps on increasing with time as we plan to collaborate with more and more number of incubators and angel investors. We target to touch upto more than 500 investors in next 12 months.



What do we do?

We study the insights from the analytics and compile the learnings which are then used for another phase of development. Combined with the early funding, we move from MSP to a scalable full fledged product which can handle larger volume of users while retaining a smooth user experience.

How do we do it differently?

We have developed a strong understanding of different use cases across sectors such as FinTech, EdTech, PropTech and HealthTech. We have an array of technology expertise in Digital, Data and Cloud ranging from UI/UX to Full Stack Development to Cloud to Micro Services to Data Management and Analytics.



What do we do?

One of the major problems founders have while working with external agencies is their continuous dependency on the agency without having any access to the tech talent who developed their product in the first place and hiring from the market take huge amount of time and resources and has its own complexities. 

How do we do it differently?

Our model allows to provide our clients with an option to acquihire the core technology talent who have worked on their product. A number of our clients have saved huge amount of time and money by exercising acquihire option after the initial product development.

Are you looking for Tech
co-founders or Tech Advisors?

Meet The Team


Sumit Gupta

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Chief Enabler, CEO & Co-Founder

He believes almost all business ideas hold lot of value. It's actually the combination of right strategy,  skilled teams and execution make these ideas priceless. Led large digital transformation business units for global companies and customer.


Aadish Garg

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Chief Hustler, CTO & Co-Founder

He believes that way is greater than means. He believes in pragmatic approach and always lookout for the possible opportunities where technology can be used to make lives better.

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Concept Catalyst Solutions Private Limited

We've been helping non tech entrepreneurs turning ideas into products and reducing time to market significantly. We've perfected our processes to aid the founders in easily executing and scaling their concepts, with the help of our technology experts. As icing on the cake, Founders also have access to our investors network and acquihire the same tech team that worked on their product.

India HQ 

1618, Logix city center, Sector- 32, Noida, New Delhi, India

Bengaluru Office

Prestige Shantiniketan, Whitefield, Bengaluru, India

Europe HQ

Neuss, Germany

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